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September 2016
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Calendar Pro is the #1 bestselling app for Kindle

Kindle Calendar Pro

Kindle Calendar Pro

Our Kindle Calendar Pro application has recently reached #1 ranking among bestsellers in Kindle Games and Active Content, and as I’m writing this post it ranks #11 paid Kindle title!

Calendar Pro is an application that helps you keep track of your daily schedule on Kindle and find out which day of the week any date falls on.

User interface has been optimized for eInk and it runs equally well on Amazon Kindle 2, Kindle 3 and Kindle DX.

Regretfully, Calendar Pro like all other Kindle apps is currently not available outside of US. We would like it to be otherwise (and I’m sure Amazon as well) but for the time being this is how things stand.

We, the developers of the app would like to thank all our customers for choosing the app and providing valuable feedback, here on the blog, via email and in Amazon product reviews!

Kindle calender now available

Amazon Kindle CalenderAmazon Kindle was designed for people who like to read on the go, it is a truly mobile device so it makes sense that eventually applications will start making their way onto the Kindle which make use of its mobile nature. I have found that people who read a lot also like to keep organised, what better way to keep organised that to have a regularly updated calender. Enter the Kindle calender!

Here is the product description from Amazon.com:

This is a 2008 Daily Planner for the Amazon Kindle. Like the paper version, each of the 366 days of 2008 is represented by a page. When the font size is large enough, a day’s entry covers two pages instead of one. Each day has hourly slots for appointments or reminders from 8 am until 8 pm. This planner takes advantage of the annotation capability of the Kindle so that the user can add, view, modify and delete appointments. Major U.S. holidays are included.

It is as basic as a calender gets, there is no synchronisation with other calender services which is a big let down and one I feel would have made it a much more attractive device. Just like a real paper planner you can flip through the pages to view your reminders or appointments, but instead of editing your events directly you annotate the dates, just like you would annotate a page on a book. I spoke to a friend who had the calender application and what she tells me that she likes to use the calender to keep track of when she started a book to see how long it took to finish.

At $1.59 it is certainly not going to break the bank and it would save you carrying around an organiser if you use one, however most people have calenders on their phones, Blackberry’s, PDA’s and desktops, so is it really necessary to have yet another calender application to update and carry around.

If you already have a Blackberry/PDA or use any other calender service then there really isn’t a need to get this calender application, however if you don’t use a calender service then this little application would be quite functional, handy and practicable.

You can check out the calender on the Amazon Kindle store by following the link below. You can even get a free sample calender send to your Kindle with a couple of months on it to play around with.

2008 Daily Planner for the Amazon Kindle (U.S. Edition)